SigmaXG - Innovations showcased at the ISE-2017


13 February 2017

This year's ISE was another great opportunity to showcase the latest innovations in our SigmaXG products: fanless NDcoders, TouchThru and MouseThru, new MutliView layouts.

For the third time in row, SigmaXG has been present at the ISE in the RAI Amsterdam Convention Centre. This year, we proudly demonstrated a range of innovations. On top of that, we were happy to introduce our new partnerships with Advantech (see the press release) and Sahara House of Companies.

SigmaXG: Lossless Video-over-IP with Near-Zero Latency

SigmaXG is a video-over-IP system that offers lossless and near-zero latency video distribution. These features make SigmaXG perfectly suited for applications in which perfect image quality and optimal hand-to-eye coordination are vital. With SigmaXG you can control your systems/PCs over the network, without experiencing the delay and without experiencing any loss of video quality. When you use SigmaXG, you will forget that you are working on a remote system, it feels that the system is at your desk.

Fanless NDcoders

Cooling fans are a hassle: they suffer from mechanical wear, they are noisy and the air flow caused by cooling fans is not acceptable in environments like operating rooms. In our opinion, a video system with cooling fans is not fit for use in operating rooms.

We have therefore decided to get rid of the cooling fan in our NDcoders. Why choose for an encoder/decoder with cooling fans, if you can have one without fans?




SigmaXG is a video-over-IP system that offers more than just lossless and near-zero latency video distribution. We use the processing power in our NDcoders to give you more value for your money. The NDcoders do all the processing needed to create multiview layouts on your displays. You can stream multiple (up to 4) video streams to any of your displays and show them in various layouts. SigmaXG takes care of al the scaling en processing needed.

All layouts are supported for displays up to 4K.
By using the QuadView (2x2) layout to display 4 full HD video streams, you get the best out of your 4K displays: perfect video quality, with the full resolution of your 4K display.

We have extended the set of display layouts supported by our NDcoders. We now support the following layouts:

layout-off layout-single  
layout-picture-in-picture layout-side-by-side  
layout-matrix-2x2 layout-one-plus-three layout-one-plus-three-right

With the app that we deliver with the SigmaXG system, you can simply drag-and-drop a layout to any of the connected displays. The system will seamlessly switch between the layouts. By dragging-and-dropping video streams to the displays, you can fill the displays with the videos you want to display.

When you switch from one layout to the other, SigmaXG will assure that the selected videos will continue to be streamed. In an intuitive manner, SigmaXG automatically fills the newly selected layout with the videos being streamed in the previous layout.

We've tried to keep our user interface simple and intuitive. With the User API of SigmaXG, you can build you own applications to optimize the system behaviour for your use cases.

Seamless Switching



MouseThru and TouchThru

When you connect your PCs to a SigmaXG AV network, you can control them over the network. When you connect a mouse and keyboard to the NDcoders, the SigmaXG system will connect your mouse and keyboard to any of the connected PCs, without the need to install software. Combined with the low latency, SigmaXG gives you the user experience you want. You can work on your PCs, without experiencing the distance between you and your PCs, and with full video quality (no compression means: no artifacts).

With SigmaXG, you have your remote PCs at your fingertips. This is even more the case with our new TouchThru feature. The functionality of MouseThru is extended with support for multi-touch Touch Screens. When you connect your touch screen to SigmaXG (USB), SigmaXG will bring the functionality of your touch screen to the connected PCs. At our booth we had a 70" touch screen for a live experience of the TouchThru functionality.

The best thing about TouchThru and MouseThru is how they combine with the MultiView functionality of SigmaXG. We've designed SigmaXG in such a way that these functions are fully compatible. When you select a MultiView layout, SigmaXG will route the mouse, keyboard and touch events to the right PC in your SigmaXG AV network. In a QuadView, you can control all 4 PCs individually by simply moving the mouse, or by touching the screen. This works for any of the MultiView Layouts.


MouseThru and MultiView






We hope these videos give you a good impression of the features, functions and form factor of SigmaXG.

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