Inter Visual Systems integrates SigmaXG for video distribution in ORs


19 June 2017

Inter Visual Systems, supplier of professional AV/IT solutions, and technology integrator Technolution are collaborating in the field of innovative video systems for operating rooms. These two partners are joining forces in order to integrate image routing in the OR as part of SensuMed, the new AV/IT platform of Inter Visual Systems, and SigmaXG, the video-over-IP solution by Technolution. This proven technologyof SigmaXG is completely integrated into the new complete solution SensuMed and provides doctors and OR staff with access to high-end medical imaging within a user-friendly and efficient software environment.

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Better solutions for ORs

Joop Noordman of Inter Visual Systems is particularly excited about the benefits for the end consumers enabled by this collaboration with Technolution. “Eventually, it all comes down to reliability and an effortless work flow in the hospital. Digital solutions literally need to be able to be as flexible as the work of the medical team. Due to the flawless integration with systems of third parties, all the required functions are provided, at exactly the precise moment that they are needed. SensuMed is composed of brand-independent modules and building blocks that supply this intelligence and usability. SensuMed also stands for a central configuration, uniformity for consumers, real-time monitoring and simple controls. SigmaXG provides flaless distribution of image, sound and user's input. Technolution offers us the required quality and reliability, and, in addition, the creativity and future-proof concept for innovative solutions.

Jacco Wesselius from Technolution thinks that the client will profit from this collaboration. “We want our solutions to completely meet our client's needs. But then you must know what it is your client requires. SigmaXG is a solution that is typically distributed through third parties. When we collaborate with Inter Visual Systems, we are much closer to the end users of the medical profession. This results in a great advantage for us, so we can better and more quickly anticipate their feedback and needs. SigmaXG is a wonderful product that still holds potential for further growth. The successful integration with SensuMed and the collaboration with Inter Visual Systems give us the incentive and possibilities to innovate based on the direct feedback of the consumers.”

SigmaXG: rapid video switching and lossless streaming

The SigmaXG NDcoder by Technolution is an eNcoder and Decoder rolled into one. All signals (streaming video, audio and more) are transported through one 10Gb optic cable. The system is by default compatible with 4K UHD video and has an extremely low latency. The 4K function makes it possible to split screen with maximal four Full HD-streams (Multiview). MouseThru and TouchThru technology provide the user with immediate remote control over all Multiview streams; manual transferring is not required. Video signals are not compressed so no data is lost. Switching between streams happens rapidly and without any interruptions through a touch panel.

SigmaXG works through standard IP and is therefore extremely flexible and simple when it comes to connection possibilities. The system offers a clear and functional API that ensures an effortless integration with the SensuMed software from Inter Visual Systems. The advanced user interfaces with intuitive controls and extensive functions of SensuMed can be fully appreciated due to the underlying technique of SigmaXG.

SensuMed: to completely unburden in the field of AV/IT in hospitals

Visualization, information and communication exchanges, both inside as well as outside hospitals, play an increasingly important role. In response to these changing ways of working, Inter Visual Systems has further developed existing solutions and integrated them into the innovative platform SensuMed. With this ‘next step’, 3D support and 4K compatibility will become the new standard. In addition to AV/IT design, advice and project management for operating rooms, work places for specialists and consulting rooms, Inter Visual Systems offers integrated systems for a number of different AV and audio-related solutions with this new multi-room platform, such as director and web cast studios, IC security systems, interactive projection and control rooms.

About Inter Visual Systems

Inter Visual Systems (Duiven, NL) has been offering professional AV solutions for almost half a century. Of the eighty employees, more than half is part of the technical organization that is focusing on system maintenance, concept development, software engineering, installation and service. A team of specialists, consisting of six account managers within the medical team, join the medical staff in hospitals throughout the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany on a daily basis. The company is defined by its creativity when it comes to finding complete solutions for its clients that bring image, sound and automation together. The result is always a user-friendly solution that supports the end users during the execution of their tasks. Inter Visual Systems has introduced digital operating rooms with video-over-IP in the Netherlands and has now installed over two hundred OR systems.

About Technolution

SigmaXG is a product by Technolution from Gouda. Technolution develops products and systems in many different domains, from traffic management systems to high-tech electronics. As a technology integrator, we create innovative solutions for our clients. We combine business, technology and knowledge. Our technological expertise and knowledge of the client's domain enable us to create the best solutions. We employ 200 engineers who are specialized in electronics, embedded software and application software.