New Erasmus MC OR complex will have fully integrated image routing


14 February 2018

The entire AV/IT infrastructure of the new Erasmus MC OR complex will be ready for 4K, once finished. The systems will be fully interconnected and offer optimal support during each phase of the operating process. The patient's safety and OR’s efficiency are thus maximized.

Article from FMT Gezondheidszorg Doc Erasmus MC, 2017

The design of the largest OR complex (8,500 m2) in the Netherlands is characterized by the high level of innovation and complexity. The newest technologies within Inter Visual Systems' Sensumed platform will be implemented in the new OR complex, which consists of 22 operating theaters and 4 intervention rooms:

  • 2 hybrid ORs;
  • 1 brachy OR;
  • 19 general ORs.

Seamless all-in-one integration

Erasmus MC has chosen to go for an all-in-one solution for all its ORs: Inter Visual Systems will take care of the entire integration by using systems of third parties, such as Inter’s 3D/DICOM Viewer and storage solution with PACS. The uniform and intuitive controls emphasize simplicity and user-friendliness and thus provide an excellent level of manageability of the systems in life-critical situations in an OR.

The next step in AV/IT

In the ORs, the following AV/IT systems will be fully connected, allowing Erasmus MC to take the next step towards a future-proof, scalable, cost-efficient and complete solution:

  • iOK image routing constructed using Technolution's SigmaXG;
  • iMas image storage;
  • ORFlow pre-operative data displays including an external display outside the OR;
  • Streaming audio and video for each OR including an extensive audio installation;
  • One or two (controlled) cameras for each OR;
  • Integrated PACS viewer with 3D reconstruction;
  • Direct connection with full control including a complete director studio.

Operating better, faster and safer

Due to smart integrations and automation of the image and data management system, operations can be performed better, faster and safer.

Optimal workflow/process management with ORflow

ORflow, the peroperative information display for the operation theater, supports the surgical team during the workflow in the operation theater and provides the team with the information that is required at that particular time. As do the 3D PACS images which can be shown during the operation.

Improved hygiene and planning thanks to external display

Each OR will have an external display with an intercom function. This external display will show information regarding the status of the operation, any delays, composition of the present surgical team, etc. The application of the informative external display will prevent the operation theater from being unnecessarily opened during an operation, which reduces the risk of infections and provides better hygienic conditions.

SigmaXG innovative Video-over-IP

The image routing of the entire OR center will be managed with Technolution's newest SigmaXG NDcoder (eNcoder and Decoder combined into one device). The video-over-IP system is specifically designed for applications in which hand-eye coordination is particularly important. With SigmaXG, it is possible to send a video from a connected device to a connected display with a delay of less than 4 milliseconds. Since there is no compression involved, the image is of a maximum quality. During the design process of SigmaXG, special attention was given to heat management without the application of ventilators. This new ‘fanless’ technology is the next step when it comes to improving the hygienic conditions in the OR.

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