Technolution launches 4K60 version of SigmaXG


4 May 2020

Technology integrator Technolution is launching a new NDcoder for SigmaXG, the successful solution for video over IP. SigmaXG can now handle 4K video with a refresh rate of 60 frames per second. And it still offers the same high video quality, almost non-existent latency, passive cooling, and extremely high operational reliability. Its higher image quality means that SigmaXG is the perfect solution for its most important application: operating theaters in hospitals.

Press release - also available as pdf

Optimal video management for OR systems

SigmaXG’s 4K60 NDcoder is currently being integrated into the video management solutions of large suppliers such as EIZO and Advantech and into the operating room systems of Dutch system integrator INTER. SigmaXG is fully equipped for use in operating theaters, for instance because of its uncompressed, artefact-free video signal, its extremely low latency, and its noiselessness. With its refresh rate of 60 frames per second, SigmaXG offers surgeons the video display that they need to be able to do their work optimally. Switching between different image signals happens without time loss, and control can be taken over seamlessly using mouse and touch screens. SigmaXG is fully prepared for integration into other systems, for instance by utilizing the available API. The system offers proven operational reliability of more than 99.9 % and is very competitively priced.

One NDcoder, one cable

The SigmaXG NDcoder  is based on one product, one cable infrastructure. An NDcoder is an encoder and decoder combined in a single product. All signals (video, audio, USB and more) are transported via 10Gb fiberglass. The system is available with DVI or HDMI connections. High-quality video can be exchanged directly and is streamed at very low latency. Video can be shared without any data loss, because there is no compression. The product is delivered with an API for easy integration into other applications and systems. SigmaXG systems are scalable and can be easily extended simply by plugging in an extra NDcoder. Because the system works with standard IP, it can be combined with a large number of off-the shelf network components. The system has no fan and therefore doesn’t disturb the laminar airflow.

Important features of the NDcoder:

  • Switches directly during a video to any connected screen
  • Available in refresh frequencies of 30, 50 and 60 Fps and more.
  • Requires fewer cables (1 fiber per device)
  • Uncompressed and lossless streaming of video up to 4K
  • Almost no latency, guaranteeing optimal hand-eye coordination
  • Various types of multiview layout up to four video streams on one screen
  • Operate sources remotely (MouseThru and TouchThru in multiview)
  • Share video with other operating theaters
  • Easy integration of SigmaXG through the open API
  • Operational reliability of >99.9 %
  • HDMI and DVI

About Technolution

Technology integrator Technolution is active in the energy, mobility, industry, high-tech and high-assurance sectors. The company develops superior-grade innovative solutions, both in software and in electronics. In addition to its headquarters in Gouda, Technolution has branches in Deventer, Scandinavia and the United Kingdom. The company employs more than two hundred people.