Ultra fast, lossless video distribution over IP


SigmaXG is a product for the flexible distribution of video, audio and control interfaces (including USB) with very low latency (as low as 4ms) and high image quality over 10gigabit Ethernet. Video can be distributed without loss because it applies no compression. SigmaXG enables the user to share video, audio and control (e.g. mouse/keyboard) with other locations inside and outside the organization over an IP network. It can be used for instruction purposes or to consult colleagues somewhere else in the office.


SigmaXG offers the functionality to integrate video streams from multiple devices on a single display (e.g. Quad view). This means you have just one large display that contains all the information you need. Since SigmaXG supports USB-over-networks, you can use a single mouse/keyboard to operate any of the connected sources or devices. SigmaXG puts you in control.

This product is based on standard IP technology and works with standard off-the-shelf-switches. It offers ultimate flexibility and faster switching to take video and control signals from any connected source to any connected destination. You can distribute and process video with the quality you need and the latency you can afford. NDcoders (an ENcoder and DEcoder in a single product) provide all the interfaces you need to connect your equipment. SigmaXG is a plug-and-play solution and is OS-independent, you don't need any specific drivers.

The open API (available on request) enables you to integrate the product into your environment or workflow management system. It has a user application to control the system, but you can also use or build your own end user applications. SigmaXG supports a wide range of information formats: video protocols (DVI, DP, HDMI, SDI) as well as USB, audio, mouse, and keyboard. In multiple display mode (e.g. QuadVview) you can use a single mouse/keyboard to operate any of the connected devices. This function is called MouseThru.

SigmaXG by Technolution

SigmaXG is developed by Technolution (Gouda, The Netherlands). Technolution develops systems and products in a wide range of domains, ranging from traffic management systems to high-tech electronics. Technolution employs 220 engineers specialized in electronics, embedded software and application software.