10G NDcoders (HDMI 4K30, HDMI 4K60 and DVI)

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Build your scalable and flexible Video over IP system with the One product - One cable concept. Changes in your infrastructure or extensions are easy to deal with. Just add more NDcoders, they have all the interfaces that you need. The system overview  shows the general setup. 

NDcoder Overview

The following SigmaXG products are available:


SigmaXG NDcoder 10G DVI (Fanless)
NDcoder with two DVI interfaces, suitable for one source or two destinations. For use with the power supply and SFP+ module.



SigmaXG NDcoder 10G HDMI (4K30 or 4K60)
NDcoder with three HDMI interfaces, suitable for one source or two destinations. For use with the power supply and SFP+ module.

      Master node including SigmaXG system software
The control unit for every SigmaXG system. Including the SigmaXG system software. Use the API for easy integration.
      Power supply (medically approved)
Power supply for all SigmaXG NDcoders.
      Ethernet 850 NM multimode SFP++ module
Input and Output device that connects an Ethernet SFP+ port of the switch or the NDcoder. 
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Product Features


SigmaXG is based on a 10 gigabit network. It therefore has sufficient bandwidth available to stream video without applying compression. This means that there is no difference between the pixels on a display connected to your PC directly and the pixels on a display connected via SigmaXG.



SigmaXG supports video inputs and outputs up to UHD and 4K.

Low Latency


SigmaXG distributes video with a very low latency. The standard video latency is below 1 video frame. Low latency is crucial in all applications where optimal hand-to-eye coordination is needed. With the low latency of SigmaXG, it is perfectly suited for use in for demanding environments like operating rooms.

Also in less demanding applications, the low latency of SigmaXG enables new applications. The combination of:

  • the low latency of SigmaXG
  • the perfect image quality
  • MouseThru and TouchThru (with MultiView)

enables a range of applications based on remote operations of systems. When you use SigmaXG to control a remote system over the SigmaXG network with your mouse/keyboard and touchscreen, you won't experience the distance any more. It really feels like the system is at arm's length: no latency in your mouse/touch inputs, perfect image quality and multiple systems controlled with one mouse on a single display.

In addition, SigmaXG offers the DirectDisplay mode. In this mode, latencies below 4ms can be achieved. DirectDisplay can be used in the SingleView and Picture-in-Picture screen layouts. When DirectDisplay mode is selected, switching from one video source to the next might not be seamless, since resynchronization of the display with the selected video source may be needed.



Cooling fans are a hassle: they suffer from mechanical wear, they are noisy and the air flow caused by cooling fans is not acceptable in environments like operating rooms. In our opinion, a video system with cooling fans is not fit for use in operating rooms.

We have therefore decided to get rid of the cooling fan in our NDcoders. Why choose for an encoder/decoder with cooling fans, if you can have one without fans?


Seamless Switching

With the app that we deliver with the SigmaXG system, you can simply drag-and-drop a layout to any of the connected displays. The system will seamlessly switch between the layouts. By dragging-and-dropping video streams to the displays, you can fill the displays with the videos you want to display.



With SigmaXG you can stream multiple (at this moment: up to 4) video streams to a single display in various layouts.
At this moment, the following MultiView layouts are supported by our NDcoders:

layout-off layout-single  
layout-picture-in-picture layout-side-by-side  
layout-matrix-2x2 layout-one-plus-three layout-one-plus-three-right

The SigmaXG NDcoders will perform all the scaling needed to place your input video streams at the required display area, keeping the original aspect ration intact.


MouseThru and TouchThru

When you connect a mouse, a keyboard or a touchscreen to an NDcoder you can create HID-channels over the SigmaXG network. These channels can be used to couple the mouse, keyboard and touchscreen to any PC connected to an NDcoder on the network. Input events flow from the input devices to the PCs. This way, you can use the SigmaXG network to control your PCs at a distance, and from multiple locations. You decide from which location(s) you want to control your systems.

SigmaXG nicely combines MultiView with MouseThru/TouchThru: when you have selected a MultiView layout, SigmaXG can split the HID inputs into multiple channels and you can route the inputs for each of the areas on your display to the corresponding PC. This way, you can seamlessly control multiple PCs with a single input device and a single display.


TouchThru with


MouseThru with MultiView