Our 'one cable, one product' concept


SigmaXG is a simple, fast and flexible switching system for Video over IP. Simple means ‘one cable for everything’: one network for video, audio, USB (for mouse and keyboard) and various control interfaces.

System overview

The system is scalable and easy to extend, just plug in an extra NDcoder.

SigmaXG is very fast: high-quality video can be switched instantaneously and video, audio and control are streamed with very low latencies.

Video is distributed over 10gigabit Ethernet without any loss of information, because no compression is applied.
The open API can be used for easy integration in your applications and systems. SigmaXG is compatible with a wide range of off-the-shelf network components.

SigmaXG enables you to integrate video streams from multiple devices on a single display. Since SigmaXG supports
USB-over-networks, you can use a single mouse/keyboard to operate any of the connected systems.

See our system brochure for more info.