Video switching with SigmaXG at ISE2018


12 February 2018

SigmaXG, our system for video switching over IP, is continuing to grow. We showcased the latest developments from 6 – 9 February 2018 at Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) 2018 in Amsterdam.

More ways to share video

Visitors of ISE 2018 experienced the flexibility of SigmaXG. SigmaXG allows you to easily assign video signals to different screens. The new MultiRoom functionality adds yet another dimension: you can now easily connect several SigmaXG implementations in different rooms to each other, so that images can be displayed in any room you want.

At home and abroad

More and more clients are choosing video switching over IP with SigmaXG due to its ease of use and speed. The Erasmus Medical Center in Rotterdam is one example. Our partner Inter Visual Systems is currently installing 26 brand new operating theaters with high-level technology including integrated SigmaXG modules. For medical contexts the system has an important advantage over other solutions: SigmaXG distributes 4K video images without compression, meaning there are no undesired artefacts in the footage. In addition, SigmaXG has extremely low latency. Hospitals in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and Taiwan are also adopting video switching over IP with SigmaXG.